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Executive Summary

Overview: H.O.P.E. Institute (H.I) is an emerging nonprofit organization that will fill a gap in the current Continuum of Care System. We will debut El Paso County’s first ever residential home exclusively for women who currently do not have a place to call home. In a safe and structured environment, our program will provide food, shelter, clothing, and basic skills for living. H.I’s debut initiative in El Paso County is the “Rutherford House of Peace (HoP).”

Mission Statement: The H.O.P.E. Institute was founded to provide a center of excellence for economically disadvantaged and underserved members of society. Its mission is to rebuild their lives and restore them physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, and spiritually through Healing, Optimizing, Perfecting, and Empowering.

Vision: ‘A nation in which every individual and family have a place to call home, a livelihood, the resources needed build a better future, and the opportunity to live their version of the American dream.’

Core Program(s)/Service(s): The primary focus of our program is to provide basic needs (shelter, food, and clothing) to the females of El Paso County. The foundation of our ancillary services is a four-pillar, progress based, and goal oriented approach to self sufficiency. Those four pillars represent life skills training that address 1) Self Awareness; 2) Financial Management, 3) Housing Management, and 4) Employment Training.

Eligibility Criteria:

• Homeless or low-moderate income female with or without children
• Eligible for public assistance or have a limited income
• Not actively abusing alcohol or drugs
• Able to function independently
• Able and willing to participate in a H.I’s education curriculum, attend job training, and sustain gainful employment.

Process for Acceptance into the Program: The first step for women interested in residing at the House of Peace and participating in our training program is to attend an orientation. Sessions are held weekly. During orientation, the Director will review H.O.P.E. Institute programs and services as well as criteria for participation in the program. Policies and procedures, expectations, and the process for proceeding will also be topics of discussion. Potential residents will tour the home and then meet individually with the Director to finalize the intake process. If a woman is interested in proceeding and meets the criteria for participation during intake, then she is assigned a room, signs for a set of keys, and is now ready to move-in immediately.

Services Provided:

• Fully furnished bedrooms with linen and toiletry items
• All Utilities Paid
• Telephone Access
• Meals Daily
• Common Areas: Activity Room, Bath Rooms (ADA Compliant), Kitchen, Relaxation Area
• Assistance scheduling appointments/interviews
• Public Transportation to scheduled appointments/interviews
• On-Site Learning Resource Center w/ Internet Access for Life Skills and Employment Training

Acceptable Verification Documents:

Birth Certificate, State ID Card, Driver’s License, *DD 214, *Official Military Certificates, Retiree ID Card, *Veterans Administration ID Card.

Point of Contact: Hope Jackson, Founding Director: Email Ph: (888) 993-9615

* Veterans Only

Contact us at (888) 993-9615 or via email.

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