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Life-Changing Veterans Assistance Services in El Paso, Texas

Veterans Assistance

Veterans Assistance

Get back on your feet with the help of the programs available to homeless female Veterans from H.O.P.E. Institute. We lend a helping hand to women in need.



Gain your independence with our Veterans assistance programs. Our organization helps women that have served our country find housing and employment.


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Based out of El Paso, TX Proudly Serving Female Veterans Nationwide

Who We Are

Transform lives by donating to Veterans assistance programs provided by H.O.P.E. Institute in El Paso, Texas. Every donation is tax deductible and helps a female Veteran become self-sufficient and independent. Our organization is dedicated to helping the less fortunate by offering housing, credit restoration, counseling and other programs. We founded this organization to offer a place that restores the lives of those who have fought to protect our country. Through our services, we heal spiritual and emotional scars and empower these women. We are the beginning of a second chance.

The vision for this organization was divinely inspired to provide a place of solace for those who gave so selflessly so we may enjoy the liberties we’re afforded today. Here they will embark upon their transition from dependency to self-sufficiency.

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Contact us at (888) 993-9615 or via email.

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